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January 10, 2011 / living4uthentic

Hello World!

Some call me healthy.  Some even call me athletic.  But those who know me best know me to be the lazy.  In fact, I pride myself on being the laziest triathlete around!

I’m renown to sign up for a race, have my training plan fall to shambles, and then wing the race anyway!

My ’09-’10 racing seasons really highlight my poor training habits.  I was the most prepared in all my racing for Wildflower Long Course 2009.  I followed my coach’s plan to the T and raced his strategy to the T.  I had the most fun and most strength throughout the race that I’ve had in a while.  Then I did LA Tri and DNF’d after seeing waves the size of Knotts’ Montezuma’s Revenge.  Seriously.  Rich Kruse has a photo of my wave starting the race.


Silverman Half Individual that November on a whim.  I had done my first 70.3 that year and thought I couldn’t be that bad of shape so, why not!  My most recent endeavor, Silverman Full Distance Triathlon, this year 2010.     While celebrating the new year this year, I finally took a moment to look back at 2010 to see how far I’ve come and how little I’ve actually moved.  It was enlightening to know that despite attempting my first full race, doing multiple 70.3 events, marathoning, and trail running, I’ve really moved very little in the span of my own non-athletic life.

After DNF’ing at Silverman, I stopped training, and continue to live the life of the athlete without the athletic component.  The weight came right back (plus some) almost instantaneously and I was rather surprised when it all happened.  28 lbs in 2 months.  That’s a lot of weight.  Nevertheless, I received a gift from my body.  The gift of an opportunity to reexamine what’s been going on in my life.  The chance to do things over in 2011.

So I was watching an interview of Sara Bareilles before one of her recent shows (my complete and utter adoration for her work and her steadfast stand for living life authentically, will be addressed at another time), and it addresses her tour plans in Asia to come later this year.  The host asks Sara B about her qualms to have a wonderful shopping experience in Asia, but her response really took me aback.  She said she’s been reevaluating the things in her life and has made the conscious choice to focus her energy on areas of living that enrich her life.  It was so simply put.

This interview got me thinking.  Is there a greater approach to living than this?  I’ve raced so many triathlons, marathons, endurance races on a whim for the sake of racing.  I love the thrill of the adrenaline when you toe the start line.  I love the ability to push your body beyond reasonable measure, with the support of an entire race crew “having your back” should things go awry.  In fact, it’s a miracle I haven’t suffered any major injuries racing in this fashion!  But I complete did not know how to exercise and eat right for the sake of being healthy.  Was all this racing really adding to my life outside of being able to say “Yeah, I did that”?

Here’s the interview.  What hits me most really starts to come in around 2:00 into it.:

So new for 2011 (and maybe for the rest of life, we’ll see) is that I’ll be changing my approach to racing.  I will be exercising and eating well for the sake of living an active and healthful lifestyle.  Diabetes and overweight-ness runs strong in my family so anything I can do to live better and a life more fully is the aim I am taking.  No more winging 140.6 races for 2011.  It is sad to say but the reign of the Laziest Triathlete around may soon come to an end.


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